30.8.2021 at 12pm

FAQ of sign-ups

Someone representing the party I represent has already registered for the Annual Ball last year, what now?

Last year’s sign-ups are still valid unless specifically canceled by the participant. Now with the new invitations, there are also new seats for invited guests – as we kind of celebrate two anniversaries at a time – so off to sign up we go!

Are the invitations sent last year still valid?

If you signed up for the Annual Ball as an invited guest and have not canceled your participation, you will have a valid registration for the AYY1011 Annual Ball. However, invitations that were not used last year or were canceled later are unfortunately no longer valid.

I had signed up last year, but canceled my participation. However, I changed my mind. Can I still sign up with last year’s invitation?

Unfortunately, canceled registrations are no longer valid. But not to worry, the invitations for this year’s invited guests will be sent in week 34 and the open registration will open on 30 August if there are still seats left.

What happens if I sign up now but change my mind later?

If you change your mind, you can cancel your registration until the 8th of September at

I don’t remember if I signed up / the information I provided has changed.

First, you should check the wallet found in the are there tickets there? Additional sign-up information can also be checked and edited in the same wallet. If this didn’t help, please drop us a line at

If the Annual Ball in October is canceled, will it be postponed to another time?

The short answer is no. If the AYY1011 Annual Ball cannot be celebrated in October, we will return to the normal anniversary cycle, i.e. we will celebrate AYY12 in the spring of 2022.

If I remember correctly, I have signed up, but I have not received any messages regarding the Annual Ball.

Have you remembered to update your email address in Even if you have forgotten to do so, you should still be able to log in to the account with the old address, after which you can change your information by going to Account → press the wheel next to your name and go to “Change email address”. If this fails, will help you move forward.

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Questions or concerns about AYY10 Annual Ball? Please contact us at vuosijuhlat@ayy.fior via form below.